Why should you buy weed online and how it is better than other treatment?

There are almost around 20% in total who are giving the legal value to the weed, the use of the weed is illegal and the controversial from the starting, because many people uses it for the smoking or they uses it as drug purpose than it can effect there health, but many people says it should be legal in order for the medical uses, you can also buy weed online , there are very much benefits of the smoking weed according to the medical field, if it will be done legal than it can be helpful in the research of the medicine, and then we can come to know the good and the bad impacts of the weed smoking.

How much of percentage has been studied on weed

Currently or till the date it is just 6 to 7% has been studied on the weed, regarding medical field means just 7% is been used in the medicine, you should know the every impact of the smoking weed there are many bad effects of smoking weed if it is over used or it is used as drug than it is very dangerous for the health, this can do the mess with your memory and will also with the emotions, there are two types of active chemicals in weed which are been used for the medical purpose, weed is used in the form of the medicine it can also be used for the medicine of the eyes, it also protects the eye disease named glaucoma, in this the pressure inside the eyeball increases so much, this disease can cause serious injury in your eyes , the use of the weed or the drug can prevent you from the blindness, so if you want to have the weed for medical purpose than you can buy weed online and it can be healthy if you consume it just like medicine.