Why low cost whey protein might not be good for you?

Whey protein is a fantastic supplement to take after your workout. Since your muscles are craving protein to repair themselves after you have put them through a grueling workout, you want to provide them with that protein as soon as you can. Going home, preparing a meal and then eating and digesting it can mean that your muscles don’t get the protein they need for at least 3 or 4 hours.

Crucial research in the recent past have suggested that muscles are best fed with readily available protein in just 30 minutes after a workout. Therefore, speed is essential when it comes to optimal protein delivery to your muscles.

This is where whey protein is miraculous. Since it is broken down and made available to the body in a matter of minutes, it is a must for anybody who puts down time in the gym.

But, if you went to the whey protein store, either at your mall or online, you are going to be a hit with a barrage of choices. First, please know that the most expensive protein is not the best protein. And cheap whey protein isn’t necessarily an inferior product either. Different companies try different pricing strategies to figure out what works best for them. Their price might have nothing to do with their product’s quality at all.

Whether you are buying cheap whey protein or expensive protein, look for the value on offer. Are you getting a good amount of protein per serving? Are you getting the number of servings that similarly priced proteins are offering? What is the quality of your protein? Is it loaded with sugars and calories or junk like sodium and cholesterol? Only answering all these questions will allow you to buy good protein. Cheap protein isn’t necessarily bad but is bad if it costs less but doesn’t have much protein and instead gives you sugars and fats in a serving.