Three ways to get cash for gold Melbourne

There are many sellers of gold online but selling gold online is relatively different. You need to understand the technicalities to sell gold Melbourne. If you are not good at gold technicalities then you can simply contact a trustworthy buyer to get a quote. You have three options to sell your gold.

Arrange a meeting
You can arrange a meeting with gold buyers Melbourne. You can take time and go to their office. You can then show them your jewelry. Their professional team will evaluate your gold and give you estimated price that they can give you. You don’t have to worry as they have the latest X-ray machine to check your gold. This machine ensures that gold is checked properly. Due to this machine you will surely get best price for your gold. If the price is agreeable for you then you can take instant cash.
Call the team at your home
If you are too busy to travel or have huge amount of gold to sell, you can call the team at your place. They will evaluate your jewelry and tell you the price. Getting your gold checked at your place reduces the option of X-ray evaluation. It is advisable to final the deal after checking the gold with X-ray machine. The professional team is good at their work so they will give you the best estimate even without machine. You can get the cash for gold Melbourne then. If the amount of money is too high then you can get money wire transferred into your bank account directly. After checking your account balance with online banking you can handover the gold to them.
Safe courier
You can also send the gold for evaluation with the help of safe rider. Every company has its own team of safe riders. They will send you the rider as soon as you call them. After receiving gold, amount will be transferred to your bank account.
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