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Why people choose online counseling or web therapy

People are choosing web therapy or online counseling because it promises lot of benefits other than personal therapies.

• More convenient

Online counseling can be done in lesser time than in office or your working day or worried about traffic. You do not need to travel long distance to meet your psychologist.

• Traditional therapy can be more expensive compared

Some of the websites advertise fewer prices for unlimited use for weekly or monthly. betterhelp online sessions need to be less than visiting in-office. And if you do not want to use health insurance for taking psychotherapy then it can benefit you.

• More comfortable for people

Especially younger ones or adults who use technology regularly feel more comfortable with online counseling. People use email, text messages and video chats to communicate and seem to be more comfortable or easy to talk with someone personally when you reveal private or personal information especially.

• Easily accessible

In certain rural communities, a nearest counselor or therapist office will be at a distance of hour or two hour driving. Those who suffer from chronic illness or disability cannot be able to reach the office easily. In such a situation, online counseling or therapy is the better option for immediate help.

More of them are exploring online sites as patients are showing more interest in such. Counselors or therapist and patients finds text message that helps in quick checkups or as reminders. Even there are apps that help them tracking and log thoughts or moods of patient. Streaming and video conferencing in real time offers continuity when the patient is out of town or cannot make to the next session. In some case, online is viable option by its own for many.