Should custom packaging boxes be large or small?

If you are an online business owner and you are thinking of using custom packaging boxes to ship your products in, you must determine the right type of boxes to use. Basically, the right type of box to use will depend on the products you sell. It is possible to use a large box to ship your products in to customers. But before you use the box, understand that a large box for products your business is packing can easily result in more air space inside the closed package. Basically, air space may not be harmful to the product you want to ship to your customer, and sometimes it is unavoidable.

But the most important rule of packaging is to limit the mobility of the product inside the package. This also means that when designing custom packaging boxes , always ensure that the boxes will fit the products and secure them accordingly. The trick in designing custom packaging boxes is to ensure that the boxes fit the products, not the products fitting the boxes. The advantage of using custom printed boxes is that the boxes are designed for your specific products and take into account the unique qualities and characteristics of those products.
Another advantage of custom packaging boxes is that they are designed to create a secure and tight fit for products. This means the boxes will basically be smaller compared to the stock boxes most online businesses use to ship their products in. Your business can also use smaller boxes to ship products in. The boxes are ideal because they take less material to produce which means money back to the business. However, understand that the tightness and secure fit that is provided by the custom packaging boxes eliminate excess air space in the boxes and reduce the void fill necessary for keeping products from rolling inside the boxes.