Reasons why you should stop drinking in October

Making a move to stop drinking October is a great challenge for many. This is simply because many people want to find out whether they can make it. Coming up with a sober month allows you to reflect on your life. It offers you a chance to make informed choices. You may make a decision to stay sober for October and other subsequent months. Make a clear choice to move your life in the right direction. Take notes for the one month to find out if it makes any difference. Some of the likely outcomes include,

• contributes to more happiness
• allows you to have better skin
• you will eat less junk food
• use your time doing productive activities

A move to stay sober for october offers you a chance to be happy. This is because you wake up refreshed in the morning. It lightens your mood, as you get ready to face the challenges of the day. This is unlike when you wake up with a splitting headache. All you want is for a headache to go away. This does not prepare you well for the day. A happy person can spread the positive vibe to others. This allows people to share in your happiness. You will notice a big difference on your skin.

Use your time wisely

Alcohol contains many processed sugars that are not good for your skin. Once you decide to go sober for October, your skin becomes better. You are less likely to take junk food, which contributes to your overall body wellness. Alcohol makes you crave for sweet and oily foods. You have more time on your hands to do productive activities. You can work out, join a wellness club, or even read a book. You can decide to start a side hustle. This will bring more money to your pocket.