Moving to a new house in Amsterdam? Get Your Dream Home with Laminate Amsterdam

If you are obsessed with the laminate trend, Laminaat Amsterdam is the one-stop-solution to get all you’re needs taken care of. With years of experience in the field of laminate making, we provide you with real wood laminates to fit into your budget.

Choose from a Wide Range of Real Wood and Cheap Laminate
We work with an aim to provide you with the best equipment from a wide range of laminates such as mahogany, beech, birch, maple hard, red oak, teak, hand scraped rustic pecan, black walnut, Nantucket mahogany and thousands of mesmerizing products to choose from. Each of this variety comes with superior quality underlay and moisture resistant barriers to make your laminate last longer.
Floor Protection with Coir Matting and Buffalo B50
For areas, which are subject to heavy foot traffic, we provide 100% natural designed coir matting to collect dirt and dust so that your entrance hall stays clean. As the leading supplier of cheap laminate, we also ensure superior floor protection with 100% impact protection and water resistant boards so that you can handover a clean home.
Gift a New Leash on Life to your old floor
Redecorate your house or apartment by decorating it with a new layer of the laminate. Laminate Lelystad uses special resins, which impart extra strength and durability to our laminates, thus making them highly resistant to abrasion or scratches.

Purchase quality laminates from the experts of wood and engineering at a competitive price. In order to stick to your budget, we employ the right amount of people to finish your work and giving your house a complete look.