Make wandtattoo itself to make designs on body

Make Wandtattoo itself (wandtattoo selbst gestalten) is the process of designing your body, by inserting ink, pigments, and dyes. It may be indelible or temporary, which is to change the pigment, into the dermis layer of the skin. It has three main categories, decorative, symbolic and pictorial. The decorative tattoo doesn’t have any specific meaning, symbolic which has a particular meaning which is pertinent those who wear it. Then the tattoo which is called pictorial tattoo, which means a specific person or item is depicted.

Make wandtattoo itself to make designs
• The tattoo culture is brought to Europe from Polynesia, in the 19th century, which was restricted only for naval use and can be done; it was in the male domain.
• After the 20th century, this is females started making tattoos then only widespread of the art of tattoo.
• Gradually it becomes a fashion accessory of females and males.The Japanese use the word make wandtattoo itself called it irezumi.
Japanese irezumi the other name of tattoo
• Which means insertion of ink, and can be using tebori, which is the traditional Japanese who use the method, this is Japanese hand method, insertion of ink uses to make tattoos.

• And western style machine also used to make tattoos. The traditional Japanese tattoo is known as horimano.
• Non-Japanese style of tattooing is known as tattooing. There are five types of tattoos as per the American Academy Of Dermatology.
• Natural tattoos are also known as traumatic tattoos, which may cause due to the accident. Professional tattoos, amateur tattoo.Cosmetic tattoos.
Types of tattoos
The characteristic tattoos could be de made by coal dust, which are getting wounds with the substances known gunpowder. Make wandtattoo itself which means some tattoos are known as rites of passage. This shows the symbol of spiritual devotion. This marks of fertility.