Keep your VéloSolex in top condition at we have the piston solex aluminum you need

Do you know what Solex model want? In the event you still don’t know it within all of us help you recognize it with a simple table, where you can find amounts of the search engines and versions. Not only can an individual identify your VéloSolex, but you will learn more about the model. You’ll also find an excellent Solex art gallery and break up the components in which all of the parts of the Solex are comprehensive so that you can disarm yourself and change the various components you need to substitute.

In the last Thirty years, the VéloSolex have sold lots of models in numerous markets, like for example the designs 3300 – Solex 3800 — 5000. Inside just about everyone has the parts bobs necessary for these models as well as any other you’ve got.

In visserie solex, you can expect the Solex tube head secure, the Solex crutch secure, for the Solex 3800 product engine screws, the Billings Solex plate twist or the Solex key plate mess.

Solex 3300 – 3800 cranks, with 34 teeth, fully chromed, the cranks tend to deform following contact with the bottom during turns.

pedale solex, of Hungarian produce, are flexible in Solex 660 : 1010 -1400 – 2200 – Five thousand.
If you want to best your Solex we provide mirrors so you can drive within peace, containers so that it is equipped with a BP ZOOM or even Solexine can and much more accessories, in addition, if you want to wear any Solex shirt, loath or beret we offer you a selection for that you are feeling 100% Solex.

In we offer you the possibility of acquiring packages where you can change tires, covers of the identical color or reflection products of the Solex powerplant.

In there are many parts, pieces, and tools that you could obtain by just filling in the form you will find over the internet. We have items of the best quality, with Eu manufacture. The Cafesolex team will be delighted to have the ability to assist you as well as guide you to be able to make a fantastic purchase whilst your Solex inside the most optimum conditions.