James Allen: an easy way to customize your wedding ring

James Allen is the online organization which is the leading retailers of the diamond and other bridal jewellery in the world. It was all started with the four minds that put together their effort to create a venture which can help the people to design their own dream ring. With this aim, they are working and offering the diamond of 150000 types and ring settings to allow the manufacturing of every ring which is dreamed of.

Here are some of the ring settings which are offered by the james allen organization.

• Solitaire
The solitaire setting in the engagement ring is defined by their real name. The word solitaire means alone or singular. This term is used for the ring in the context that, the engagement ring contains only single diamond or the gemstone. Moreover, the term solitaire is also used to describe the jewellery which contains the single stone.

• Channel set
In the channel setting, the channel grooves are present in which are the diamond stone or other gemstone is placed. Though the Channel setting is most common setting in the engagement ring, they are the most elegant engagement ring. This can be used as an accent to the central stone or to add the spark on the plain band. This simple setting is a popular feature of various engagement rings.

• Three stone
It has the standard symbol because it is designed very intricately. This ring is the symbol of healthy and loving relationship. Three stone rings are also known as the Trinity ring or the trilogy rings.

This is because it represents the present past and future of a couple’s relationship which means that the ring will serve as a reminder of the memories which couple has made with each other over time in their relationship. Moreover, it will continue to hold the memory for the years which are going to come in the future.