How to prevent fogging during paintball masks?

Any paintball player knows that fog can be a bad problem in the midst of a frantic paintball game. Fog dulls your vision, rendering your aim and tactical information useful. Not only are you not able to take down your opponents but you are not able to see whose taking fire at you as well.

Thankfully, the fog problem in paintball masks is a problem you can easily fix.
First, make sure you only buy the best paintball mask anti fog mask out there. These masks are specifically sold as anti-fog masks. Such masks will contain specially manufactured visors that use double paned construction, with a vacuum layer in between the two panes. The vacuum delays condensation that causes fog.

A second tip to prevent or keep the fogging down to a minimum is to warm up your visor’s lenses on a warm surface. If you are playing in cold weather or even in hot weather for that matter, you want to warm up your lenses so the condensation effect is compromised.

If you are a heavy breather, your exhaling might be causing the fog and condensation. In this case, what you have to do is install an exhaust fan that will be housed right around where your chin is. Some high end performance paintball masks come with this housing. You can then buy a fan like the Vortex II and snap it into the housing. Powered by a little battery, this fan can be turned on to quickly eliminate fog.

Constantly opening and closing your visor can also lead to fog problems, especially in cold or hot weather. When you constantly open and close your visor, there is continuous heat exchange that causes fog. It will be better to slightly crack open your visor and leave it that way if you want fresh air, as opposed to opening your visor fully from time to time.