How to Decide Between Buying a Point-And-Shoot Camera Or a Digital SLR Camera?

In case you purchase a top cheap point and shoot camera or a DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) camera?

The world is on fire with the newest DSLR cameras. Mega pixels, super lenses, everybody needs to get you, right? Not automatically. Everything depends on which you generally shoot with a camera. The price difference is significant – hundreds of bucks for an entry level DSLRs – to take a moment to consider in the event that you actually require a DSLR.

The choices seem fantastical, but in the long run everything comes down to one question: Are you currently shooting pictures of objects and people – vacation photos of ruins, mountains, deserts and people posing for the shot – or are you currently shooting action pictures?

The main reason is that the shutters lag of these point-and-shoot cameras. Point-and-shoot cameras may compete with DSLRs in terms of pixels, so often beat them at the simplicity of usage, but loose the struggle of shutter lag.

What’s “shutter lag”? It is time period between pressing on the picture, and also the time once the camera takes the picture ( technically speaking, it is the delay between tripping the camera and when the photograph is really recorded).

Many point-and-shoot cameras have a lag that’s as long as 1/2 moment. That is a lifetime when shooting pictures of moving objects or kids at play. Digital SLRs have a shutter lag that’s practically unnoticeable – and I’m not talking about super expensive professional cameras – even easy entry level DSLRs are quickly.

Should you take pictures of objects and people, then a point-and-shoot camera might be a better choice – easy to use, and not as costly. The camera lag of these point-and-shoot cameras is no problem. Most vacation pictures fall in to the category – after all, the majority of the time that you present for a shot.