How one can buy Dr brown fles online?

If you want to choose the best feeder for your kids then don’t go for expensive brands but choose Dr brown fles, which is recommended by worldwide doctors.

What’s so special about Dr Brown’s bottles?

These bottles are especially designed to prevent the development of air and vacuum which become the reason of distress and many other problems in babies. In America more than half parents only use these bottles because they know their benefits. These bottles are also used extensively in daycare and maternity wards. There is a large range in these bottles available in stores. Other than stores there are plenty of authentic websites, which are selling all the worthy products of Dr Brown’s. Including powder milk, teats etc. in affordable prices.

One can get a Dr Brown’s bottle according to his baby’s age. Like Dr. Brown’s Standaardfles – 120 ml is best for newly born kid and it only cost $13. Same is the case with teats. Dr Brown teats are made from clinically tested silicone. There soft texture and special design make it easy and comfortable for baby to suck. One will get 2 pieces in one Dr Brown’s teat box. You must replace a teat after 6 weeks or earlier if it shows signs of wear.

The process of cleaning Dr Brown’s bottle is pretty same like other regular feeds. You can put them in sterilizer or can simply boil them in water for few minutes. To make it easy for you, Dr Brown’s also offers Microwave steam sterilizer particularly designed for baby bottles. It is recommended not to use microwave oven to heat the bottle because it creates hotspots in formula or milk. There is a lot of information present on the internet about these bottles like how to use, which is best for your kids, where to buy etc. So if you need any sort of guideline make sure to search it on the Google first.