Different types of Canvas stretcher bars

Stretcher bars orCanvasStretcher bars are extremely important for an artist. They are an essential part to make an art. All stretcher bars might look similar, but if observed closely, then the difference in corners can be seen very easily. The quality and design of stretcher bars play a very vital role for nice art and long life of the canvas. Size of artwork also play an important role in choosing canvas stretcher bars .

Depending on various factors, stretcher bars can be broadly classified as:

Light Duty Stretcherbars – These stretcherbars are best for small paintings. These bars have beaded and rounded edges.

Standard Stretcherbars – These stretcherbars have round edges and are slightly raised, providing a tighter canvas. The edges also reduce the friction to a great extent.

Heavy duty Stretcherbars- These are of 2 types:

• Goldilocks stretcherbars- They are slightly on expensive side as they are generally used by those who need substantial profile for the artwork.

• Midi stretcherbars- They are quite reasonable when it comes to prices but offer a very good quality. These are very lightweight as well.

Extremely heavy duty Stretcherbars – These stretcherbars are popular for their weight and strength. They contain a brace at the back for the added strength.

There are many online stores and websites that sell art supplies including different type of Canvas stretcher bars. So, buyers have the opportunity of getting everything home delivered. This not only saves time but many websites also offer various discounts and deals giving an opportunity for buyers to save some money as well. Therefore, a buyer should always do proper research and should also compare prices on different websites before placing an order.

Moreover, many websites have easy exchange and return policies. This encourages buyers to buy things online without any doubts and hesitations.