Avoiding Disputes Between Employers And An Employment Company (僱傭公司)

In business, there are several things that should be avoided. One of such things is a dispute. It is one thing that can spoil the relationship between two parties in no time. This is true at all times even when the two parties in question are the intending employer of a maid and an Employment company (僱傭公司). It is for this reason that this article was written to address how to avoid disputes between these two classes of people. There are actually ways to avoid such disputes and they will be addressed briefly below.

First, transparency is the key thing in avoiding disputes between a 僱傭中心推介 (recommmended employment center) and an employer. The truth is that about seventy percent (70%) of the disputes experienced between two parties is caused by money. So, if you must avoid a clash between an employer and an employment agency, the issue of money needs to be handled with care. This is why transparency in how the total expenditure amounted to the amount it is would be very good. It is the duty of the Employment Company to inform and possibly explain to the employer the amount and essence of each fee.

As an employer, you might want to help yourself by hiring the services of an employment agency that knows all it takes to hire a maid. The employment agency or center must be good enough to know the value of each fee and what they are for, and also be able to explain to its clients. This is why it is always advised that one should always answer the question – which employment center is good? (僱傭中心邊間好) This should be done before the employer contacts any agency and immediately after he or she decides that a maid is needed.